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About Martin

Welcome to my blog. I am Martin Varga and I am a nomad from Czech Republic. Since I was a child, my family moved a lot. In my early childhood I'd spend maybe two years in one town and move to another. This made me who I am and I love to travel.

I am a software developer by profession. I studied Computer Science and I am a science geek a little. I also make games and my other blog is all about my hobby. I am currently writing a book in about games which freed me from the eight-to-five routine.

I've travelled around 30 countries so far, but I do not count them. I like to spend more time at one place to enjoy the atmosphere and try to understand the country and its people. I spent four years living in Malaysia and now I moved to Japan.

I started blogging because I want to reminisce about the travel memories and also share my knowledge about places I've been, struggled but walked away victorious with great experiences. I am going to talk about ways how to save money on travels and what's worth visiting.

If you have questions about anything on this blog, feel free to contact me either using social media links in the top bar or using my email:

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